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About the Holland Open software Platform

In the summer of 2005 the HollandOpen Foundation was established. The aim ofHollandOpen is to offer a platform for all initiatives on Open Source Software, Open Content and Open Standards in the Netherlands. Besides, Holland Open aims to take care of all interests concerning an open line of thought.
The Management of HollandOpen consists of:
President: Jo Lahaye (MMBase Foundation/Amsterdam School of ICT)
Vice president: Leon Gommans (Rotterdam CS)
Vice president: Jeroen Visser (IBM)
The Board of Supervision consists of:
Jeroen van Disseldorp (Capgemini)
Michael van Wetering (Kennisnet)
Frans Nauta (lector professional Universitiy Arnhem-Nijmegen -HAN-
Arjen Hof (managing director GovUnited)
Syb Groeneveld (Kennisland; Creative Commons NL)
Hans Westerhof (beelden voor de toekomst-Beeld en geluid)
The Board of Advice consists of a great number of people from many different organizations and companies that support HollandOpen. Martijn Smit -Stone IT- is the foreseen president of the this advisory board
An important activity of the platform is the organization of the yearly Conferense. A great number of people help organize the Holland Open Software Conference. The Program committee (mail: is guided by:
Leon Gommans (Rotterdam CS)
Paul Klint (CWI, UvA)
Jan Bergstra (UvA, UU)
Hans van Vliet (VU)
Valentijn Sessink (
Dirk Willem van Gullik (Apache Foundation)
Ruben van Wendel de Joode (TU Delft)
Madan Rao (Techspark, Bangalore, India)
Syb groeneveld (Kennisland)
James baty (CTO SUN Microsystems)
Steven Klusener (VU)
Tineke Egyedi (TU Delft)
Marleen Huysman(VU)
The organization of the conference is guided by: (Organizing Committee; mail: Jan Bergstra and Steven Klusener.
The Committee of recommendation is guided by Tom van Engers (UvA - Leibnitz Institute of Law). Some of the members: Frans Nauta (Kennisland and a former member of the Innovation Platform), Piet van de Kamp (GBO), Diego van de Kamp and Mark Bressers (ICTU).
Aim of the Holland Open Software Platform:
  1. To urge the necessity of open standards in all aspects of information technology, as well as stimulating open source software and open content.
  2. To take care of the interests of organizations, companies, persons and open source communities that endorse this aim.
  3. To offer a platform for local initiatives and initiatives in various sectors, where knowledge can be exchanged by all means.
  4. To function as a contact for similar initiatives in other countries.
An important goal of the Platform, besides taking care of interests, is to offer a place for the many open software initiatives, where knowledge can be exchanged and where people can exchange activities. A problem in the past was people working on similar projects at the same time, without knowing of each other's existence. Also, many informal and formal constructions concerning open source initiatives were established (co-operations, foundations and others) without the use of experience elsewhere. By combining knowledge and forces, the Holland Open Software Platform aims to become the place where this information can be obtained. Holland Open intents to be a stimulating, innovative networking organisation for current and new initiatives.
The intention of the Platform is to create a clear standard for information and education, for initiating projects, for exchanging knowledge, where cooperation can be met and a great number of issues can be discussed. In addition, Holland Open aims to be a platform for companies, educational institutes, users and communities.
In the first place, HOSP wants to be facilitating instead of supervising. Of course the Platform will also initiate its own projects, to focus the attention on all open developments by news messages, participation in forums and social discussions, organisation of networking receptions, symposia and a yearly international conference.
The first activity of the platform was the organization of the successful international Holland Open Software Conference in May 2005. The organization of the yearly conference is an important activity of the platform. The theme of this year's edition is "Open the Power House of networked Innovation - open source, open standards and open content". The aim of the Holland Open Software Conference is to present a broad variety of open initiatives and projects. We offer a platform were knowledge can be exchanged and were people meet in a professional and enthusiastic atmosphere. The conference likes to show the attendee that open solutions are available and that they can cope. There will be provocative debate and unconventional contributions. The Conference will feature a broad range of best practices, scientific tracks as well as invited presentations. We do offer all invited speakers, papers, projects and our appreciated sponsors the possibility to go into depth or debate with the audience on the after conference on Saturday, June 17th. Communities will make things happen, communities will organize specific in depth events for (their) developers and coding marathons. We expect to see that more marvelous contributions and results will be created on the spot. We challenge you to investigate what can be learned from your research on and experiences with open methods and invite you to share the knowledge on the conference.